Email Client Configuration

The first thing you have to do is change your temporary password. To do that, please visit THIS URL. (This is the link you will use if you ever want/need to change your password again)

Log in with your full PCO email address ie: and the temporary password: please-change

Now, please change the password. This temporary password will only work for a limited time. Change the password by clicking the Login Credentials Link. (note, if your browser window is narrow, this sidebar will appear only as icons)

Enter good strong password or let the system generate one for you. If you lose your password, we can easily reset it for you.

That’s it! Well, unless you want to get fancy. This webmail client is very basic. If it suits you, you can stop reading here.

There are plenty of nicer email clients on desktop and mobile devices. If you like Outlook (and already have it), you can add this account by following the microsoft instructions here.

If you want to configure any other email client like a mobile client or anything else, here is a summary of the email server properties:

Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you want a nicer client and don’t have (or don’t like) Outlook you can try Mozilla Thunderbird as the email client. Here are step by step instructions to set that up:

Download Thunderbird from here. Unless you’re feeling extra generous, you can ignore the Donate option.

Run the installer but choose Custom rather than Standard

Click Next > and accept all defaults until you get to this screen:

Uncheck Use Thunderbird as my default mail application

Finish the Install

Set up your Email Account(s)

Enter your name, your perryclinicaloperations email and your new password from above.

IMPORTANT – click the Configure Manually link instead of the Continue Button after you’ve filled in the form.

Configure the Hostname and Port for email connections.

The Hostname for both will be
The Incoming Server port will be 993
The Outgoing Server port will be 465

All other fields should be good as-is

After configuring this setup, you should see the success window and then the client should open and show any existing emails.